Channellock 87 Compact Rescue Tool

The Channellock 87 8.88-Inch Compact Rescue Tool
is a great tool to have with you when you are working hard on the fire grounds. With this tool you can cut a battery cable or a cable inside a house. Shut off a gas valve, and also tighten up that hose line that is leaking.
This tool is designed specifically for firefighters, first responders and EMTs.

This compact rescue tool has multiple dependable and useful aspects for the first responder. There are several safety functions all in one tool capable of prying open doors and windows, with sharp hardened edges for cutting cables, wires and soft metals effortlessly. This amazing tool has an additional ability to shut off safety gas vales along with loosening hose couplings. The emergency rescuer will find this tool greatly beneficial under several emergency circumstances. Five safety features are designed in the 87 Rescue Tool, and only weighs 1.1 pounds at 8.8 inches in length. This very functional channellocks are made of high carbon steel and features electronic coating for maximum rust prevention.

Customers have rated this tool at 4.8 out of 5
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Streamlight LED Tactical Helmet Mounted Flashlight

The Streamlight 69140 Vantage LED Tactical Helmet Mounted Flashlight. Here is a helmet lamp that is very light, and very bright. If you’ve ever seen one of these in use you will want one for your self.
The C4 LED technology, is indestructible, because there is no filament to break or burn out with a 50,000 hour lifetime. It also produces 2 to 3 times the output of previous

Powered by lithium batteries. Lightweight, compact and low profile

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