The Official Firehouse Checkers Board Game Set

Firefighter Checkers SetIt’s not all high drama, smoke and danger down at the firehouse. Join in on a game of good-natured camaraderie with a collectible firehouse checkers board game set. Cleverly designed, this checkers set has a distinctive red and black playing surface and comes with 24 Maltese Cross checker pieces.Heat up the competition among your family and friends with this thrilling firehouse checkers board game set, available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. The back of the sturdy wood board has a hidden storage compartment for securing the checker pieces. Makes a fabulous fireman’s Maltese Cross-themed gift. The edition is strictly limited to only 5,000, so be sure to order now!

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The Official Firehouse Checkers Board Game Set: Unique Firefighter Gift

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    Professional Firefighter?

    The question has come up, are you a Professional Firefighter or are you a Volunteer Firefighter?

    That term has been around for some time now.  Professional does not necessarily mean that you are getting paid for what it is that you do.  In the fire service there are paid fireman and volunteer fireman.  I consider myself to be a professional fireman, even though I am a Volunteer.  Being a Professional is all about how you conduct yourself.  I know a lot of  Paid Fireman who are very Professional, and I know some that are not.  And then on the other side of the scale you will have both in the Volunteer Service.  I am proud to say that of all the people that I have met in the Volunteer side of things, the large majority of them are very professional.

    Being a professional really says a lot about who you are.  If you are dedicated to what you do, and you enjoy doing it then you will be a professional at it.

    You don’t have to be the best at everything.  You don’t have to be the know it all.  But what you do know and are able to do,and if you do it with dedication and pride, then you can consider your self a professional.

    There was a recent article in FireHouse Magazine that I read that prompted me to right this.

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