ProbiesA Lieutenant needed to use a pay phone, but didn’t have change for a dollar. He saw a probationary firefighter mopping the floors, and asked him, “Hey rookie, do you have change for a dollar?” The firefighter replied, “Sure. ” The Lieutenant gave him an icy stare. He said, “That’s no way to address a superior officer! Now let’s try it again. Firefighter, do you have change for a dollar?” The young firefighter replied, “Well in that case-NO, SIR!” and continued mopping.

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Off Duty Golf

2303832506_e16de3406dThe Chief and his Deputy went golfing together one Saturday morning, as they have done since they were cadets 24 years ago. You might say these guys were fanatics about their golfing.

That afternoon the Deputy returned home exhausted, and plopped down dejectedly in his easy chair. His wife, concerned by his appearance, asks if something went wrong with his game.

“No, no,” he replied, “I had the best game I had in years! As a matter of fact, I started out the first three holes at 4 under par, including a hole-in-two on the 3rd.”

“So why are you so beat?” his wife asked.

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Firefighter Wall Art

Firefighter Wall ArtLet your favorite firefighter know you care with this inspirational, personalized design.

“Not all men are created equal…Only the finest become firefighters.” Show your appreciation for the first responder in your life. This design will be personalized with the name and text you would like at the bottom.


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Dedicated to the Volunteer Fire Fighters of the Country