Firefighter Truck Window Graphics

Are you a firefighter, paramedic or do you want to show support for the people laying their life down for the sake of others? Well now you can express your gratitude for first response with our first responders truck rear window graphics featuring firefighters and paramedics. Stand by your fellow first responders and display your support for what they do with these colorful rear window graphics.




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Firefighter Hero Signs

Firefighter Hero Signs found on Etsy sold by Herosigns

Each sign is handmade in our wood shop. Starting with blank high grade wood, we professionally create and mount the graphics to your sign. The sign is then hand sanded to create a smooth clean edge. Finally all signs are hand painted with a protective finish coating to create the highest quality finish.

Firefighter Hero Sign$20.00

Firefighter Signs$20.00

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ProbiesA Lieutenant needed to use a pay phone, but didn’t have change for a dollar. He saw a probationary firefighter mopping the floors, and asked him, “Hey rookie, do you have change for a dollar?” The firefighter replied, “Sure. ” The Lieutenant gave him an icy stare. He said, “That’s no way to address a superior officer! Now let’s try it again. Firefighter, do you have change for a dollar?” The young firefighter replied, “Well in that case-NO, SIR!” and continued mopping.

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Dedicated to the Volunteer Fire Fighters of the Country